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The Megabucks Pool Community Forum was created by pool players for pool players. It offers an avenue where fellow pool enthusiasts can express themselves, their ideas, concerns, and discuss any relevant information as it pertains to the sport of pocket billiards. 

This community is for the MAPL player, the APA player, the BCA player, the NAPL player, the TAP player. Anyone who has an interest in pool is invited to share their knowledge here. Together we can make pool great again.

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About This Forum

This forum is open to ANYONE. If you have something to say about pool then we want to hear about it. Some of the cool features available in this forum include:

  1. Simple Direct Video Embedding
  2. Simple Direct Picture Embedding.
  3. Forum Topic Creations.
  4. Posting Re-posting & Replying.
  5. Member To Member PRIVATE MSGS.

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